A Hot First Day

A Hot First Day

Hailey Laue, Contributor

This year, the first day of school was on Thursday, Sept. 6. Everyone caught up with each other after a long summer away from school. Everyone also got back into the routine of class schedules, but it was hard to do that because the temperature in the school was high; most classroom temperatures were in the upper 80s. 

We all came to school expecting for it to be cool and relaxing in the building and hot outside, but we were wrong. It felt better to be outside then in the building itself.  

A lot of staff didn’t like all the heat either. Most teachers had their lights off to try and keep it cooler in their rooms.  One teacher’s room, Mrs. Troger’s, reached the upper 80s in temperature the first few days of school.

Students also had strong opinions on the first day of school. Gregg Troy, a Senior at Newfield High School, said, “It felt like it was 120 degrees in the school.” Sam Seip also a Senior at Newfield High School, said, “It was very hot.” I totally agree with both Gregg and Sam; it was hard to concentrate on anything because of the heat in the building.