The Newfield Middle Schools Production of “Honk! Jr.” is Waddling to a Theater Near You


Alissa Moseley, Contributor

The Middle School Drama Department welcomes you to come and enjoy their rendition of the ugly duckling tale, “Honk! Jr.” the musical. This child-friendly story will take place in the elementary upper gym on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. and the matinée will be showing at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27.  

The middle school drama team worked very hard to make this the best production yet. The co-director, Alissa Moseley, had this to say about the making of the musical: “It has been very difficult working on the elementary stage. There was an adjustment period, but it all worked out in the end.” The crew faced some difficulties with lighting, sound and a new production team. However, with the help of Lori White, Steve and Shelley Yaple, the music directors, parents and the students, the show will proceed without a hitch.    

From froglets, to ducklings, to geese and one hungry cat, the students are working together to make this a wonderful performance. Izzy Githler, an eighth grader participating in the musical, said: “It’s a lot of fun. I work with a lot of people I don’t normally talk to everyday.” The willingness to work with others, forms not only a great cast, but a tight knit group of friends that could last for years. The positive attitudes and hard work will make this show a quacking success.   

So, come on down to the farm and meet the cast of “Honk! Jr.”. Help Momma Duck find her lost baby, assist Ugly in finding his rightful place in the world, or maybe find an appetizing snack for a hungry cat!