New Traffic Circle

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New Traffic Circle

Samuel Seip, Contributor

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The roundabout on Route 13 has finally started to be built and is nearing the end of its construction which started sometime in this August in 2018.  

The plans for the Route 13 roundabout have finally been put into action. The idea came about in 2015 to make a change with the Trumbull’s Corners and Route 13 intersection and appears that it will be completed this October.  

The goal of the roundabout is to make it easier for people at the Trumbull’s Corners intersection to be able to cross or get onto or cross Route 13 in order to avoid accidents from happening at the intersection.  

Some people may not think that the roundabout will prevent or even reduce the amount of accidents that will happen. Hailey Laue, senior, said, “I think the traffic circle is ridiculous and will cause more car crashes than it will prevent.”  

Other people think that “It [the roundabout] is a dim waste of tax-payer money,” said Josh Ketter, senior. If the traffic circle does not work according to the plan, then it could very well be a waste of tax-payer money.  

The roundabout could cause traffic backups as well. Route 13 is also a main route for people on their way to school or work in the morning and afternoon. With people having to slow down for the circle, it will be just as difficult or maybe even more with the amount of people that will have to go through that circle.

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