A Natural Disaster

A Natural Disaster

Hailey Laue, Contributor

Recently all over the world has been getting hit with natural disasters. These range from hurricanes to earthquakes, but the most recent one is hurricane Michael. 

Hurricane Michael’s path is to go up the gulf coast and hit the Panama City area in Florida up through Georgia then to the Carolina’s and then up towards Virginia. Michael made landfall as a category 4 hurricane on its expected path in Florida on Wednesday, Oct. 10. 

Hurricane Michael hit the gulf coast approximately three weeks after hurricane Florence hit the Carolina’s. The Carolina’s were still trying to recover from hurricane Florence when hurricane Michael hit the gulf coast and they got hit with the rain and the wind and everything started flooding again.  

The death toll from Michael’s path has risen to 19 people and the number can still rise some more. Also, a whole lot of people are still missing in the rubble of all the buildings that were torn apart during the hurricane. So far there had been deaths in Virginia, Mexico Beach, Florida, along with other places in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.  

Danielle Everhart, a teacher’s aide, said, “I feel awful for everyone there, my thoughts and prayers are with them.” Karyn Hutchinson, a teacher, said: “It is very sad and disheartening, I wish that we could do more to help them. It makes me very sad.”