The Rise of DOT Inspections


Terry Hein, Contributor

The rise of DOT (Department of Transportation) inspections in NY are insane. In New York they have a strict DOT policy when it comes to commercial hauling and driving. 

Small businesses are taking a hard hit when it comes to DOT inspection. For example, a local landscaping business Capogrossi Construction and Landscaping has had a run in when it comes DOT inspections in New York. In a landscaper’s situation you must have everything tied down and strapped on whether it’s a trailer and truck or big truck. “You are supposed to have a rollover and nothing come lose,” said Ben Emery, a state trooper and DOT inspector for the area. 

Fines for these ‘crimes’ can range from $50 to $5000. A few examples are for tires; for every tire that is bald it is a $50 fee. Another one is if gas cans are not strapped it’s a $250 fine per can depending on size. And even for little things like the strap ratchet part must be on driver’s side or that’s a $100 fine per strap. You also need it for hauling dirt or mulch, you need to have a tarp or cover to have on the load so you don’t get a DOT ticket and fines up to $2000. 

You need DOT for double axle trailers and up, for single axles you do not get ticketed for DOT or qualify but if it is for commercial use they do recommend having DOT numbers on the truck along with the trailer.