Cooper Webb Changes Teams

Rayin Rumsey, Contributor

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Former monster energy yamaha’s Cooper Webb is going into 2019 on Red Bull’s KTM. Will this be what puts him back to the top? Will this improve his overall performance? What does everyone think of this? 

Cooper Webb moved up to the 450 class in 2017 from the 250 class. When he moved to the 450, he didn’t seem to be on top like he was in the 250 class. He was supposed to be getting a couple wins every now and then, but he just couldn’t grab onto that. In 2017 he made 11 out of the 12 races of the season and in 2018 it was less than that. He seems to not be able to make it to all of them. As of round 11, Budds Creek of the Lucus Oil Pro Motocross Championship, he had made a couple of finishes that were decent.  

After this round he was made the offer to switch to Red Bull’s KTM from the Monster Energy Yamaha’s team. He was made this offer after he had a small crash at his practice track. Everyone is now beginning to ask: will this be what Webb needs to make his way back to the top? Cooper Webb hopes to believe that this change of bike and a new trainer will be what has been holding him back for the longest time to recover himself from the 250 championship to dropping back out of the top ten of the 450’s. As he said himself, “It’s hard to build momentum when you’re hurt.” He has had many injuries that were not talked about. 

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