Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson End Engagement


Sonia Budetti, Contributor

On Sunday it was learned that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split up. The two pairs acknowledged that it simply was not the right time to have a relationship. The breakup was shortly after Ariana Grande’s ex boyfriend of two years passed away from a drug overdose. The timing of the breakup was unexpected for most people. That weekend, Pete Davidson was on SNL talking about their relationship (Vanity fair).

A Grande source told people that it was “too much too soon” ( Right before the split Pete Davidson was making jokes about breaking up with Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande returned her $93,000 wedding ring. As for their pet pig, Piggy Smallz, it was decided that Ariana Grande would be the one keeping him (page six).

The day that Davidson met Grande, he was already talking about getting engaged and sending her pictures of wedding rings. Not many were supportive of the relationship and Davidson began receiving death threats shortly after it was announced that they were engaged. The couple moved in together shortly after becoming engaged (CNN).

Davidson covered up his bunny ears tattoo, rumored to be inspired by Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Women.

E Online’s source says that it is possible that they may get back together and said: “She will always have a special place in her heart for him, but told him that right now is not the best time. She has been struggling emotionally and is not in a situation where she should plan a wedding. She had to step back and breathe for a minute. She’s been completely overwhelmed and wants to slow down.” Pete Davidson is currently off of social media.