Why Blue Lives Matter

Terry Hein, Contributor

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Lately in the United States there has been an epidemic where Police of this country have been getting shot and killed by people who are supposedly fallen into something called Police Brutality. Well first off you wouldn’t fall into Police Brutality if you followed the rules in the first place. If a cop asks you to put your hands up that’s what you do; you don’t argue. Really there is no such thing as Police Brutality because they’re doing their job and using force against someone who clearly doesn’t listen. 

Without Police the country would be out of control, riots would happen, and people would get away with murders. There is a bill that protects the law enforcement. It is called the Protect and Serve Act of 2018. The Protect and Serve Act would allow anyone who intentionally  causes serious bodily injury to a law enforcement officer to be imprisoned up to 10 years. However, this bill is only in Kentucky and Louisiana at a state level, and it should be a federal law. The Senate bill notes that in 2016, “ambush killings of police officers hit a 10-year high, with 21 such deaths.” People say they hate the police, but they only say this because they get caught doing illegal things. Don’t hate on someone who is protecting yours and your family lives. 

Police officers understand the risk of losing their life on duty, but when they lose their life, people should not disrespect them or their family because in the end they gave their life to protect someones. 


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