Have You Been in Room 207?

Have You Been in Room 207?

Amari Stewart, Contributor

If you haven’t visited Ms. Tibbals room yet, it’s highly recommended that you do. You will most likely fall in love with the plethora of pets in there like every other Newfield School student.  

For about two years Ms. Tibbals has had a class pet that goes by the name of Onyx. He is a beautiful, cranky, and hungry Bearded Dragon. Onyx enjoys eating roaches and hanging out on his artificial tree branch in the back of the classroom. He isn’t everyone’s favorite class pet, but many adore him greatly. About two to three weeks ago a few of Ms. Tibbals students brought her an abundance of duck eggs from their home. Ms. Tibbals was very confident that she was going to be the mommy to these little ducklings. All the eggs were numbered and put into an incubator until it was time for them to go into lockdown.  

Soon after three days of lockdown we all started seeing little holes being poked through the egg shells. We patiently awaited the arrival of the little ducklings. We soon had five ducks ready for everyone to love them unconditionally. Ms. Tibbals was kind enough to invite any classes from the elementary school who wanted to see these ducks to come over and take a look. Kayden Reed, a sophomore at Newfield, said, “My favorite animals are the ducks in Tibbals room because they are so cute, tiny and cuddly.”  

Just last week we gained another class pet named Ebony. She’s a little shy when it comes to being held, but everyone thinks she is so cute. Ms. Tibbals talked about her animals in her class and said: “I think it’s important for the students, because it makes them more comfortable. But it is very stressful.” There are now thirteen ducks, and they will all find their forever family soon with the help of Ms. Tibbals.