The Bonfire was a Blast


Kylee Reed, Contributor

The Newfield homecoming bonfire was held on Oct. 13. It was a very cold night for everyone with temperatures in the low 40s.  Although it was so cold, everyone there had fun. There was a concession stand, music, dancing, and a beautiful fire. There were many faculty members and firemen at the fire to make sure everyone stayed safe and didn’t get into any trouble. 

Amari Stewart, senior, said: “I really enjoyed myself, although it was very cold. The fire kept me warm once the fireman allowed us to move closer. Since it’s my first year in Newfield, I enjoyed going to a bonfire for homecoming instead of a dance.”  

Many Newfield students attended to hear who the Homecoming King and Queen were. Congratulations to the seniors Jillian Esposito and Anthony Pawlewicz who received the honor of being the king and queen.  

A freshman, Max Olmstead said, “I had a very good night with all of my friends.” School functions are a good time to create memories with good friends: sitting around a fire, eating food, and listening to music. 

Overall, everyone had a lot of fun at the fire. It is very unique that Newfield has a big bonfire for homecoming instead of a dance. Multiple people have said they have more fun at the fire then they would ever have at a dance. Newfield is a very close community, and when the school has functions such as the bonfire, everyone goes and has a wonderful time.