The Age-Old Question, PC or Console

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The Age-Old Question, PC or Console

Samuel Seip, Contributor

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For years gamers have had a big debate on which is better, PC or consoles. Some arguments have contained comfort and others pure “power” of a system based on its graphics and processing power.  

For both PCs and consoles there was an average monitor or tv price picked of $200 dollars. For a price to be selected for this specific scenario: a 26-inch monitor for PCs and a 32-inch TV for consoles.   

The most expensive a mid-range PC can get is around $1030 for a tower and a monitor, and go down as low as $580 for a tower and monitor. A computer of this price and performance can run more than most games with an estimated low of 50fps and a high of 144fps, based on the monitor.  

For a computer that is as good as it is to be $380 you need to find some deals. Therefore, the minimum price for a mid-range PC is $380 for the tower.  

When buying a used console, you can find deals that are even lower than the price for a PC. This could be a better option for certain people even though spending that extra $150 could get you a stronger system.  

On average Xbox and PS4 consoles can go for around $500 to $580 with a TV. This may be a better option for people who cannot afford a more expensive option like PC. Consoles average a maximum of 60fps.  

A common argument that console users put up against PC users is that you cannot game in comfort which can be true for some people’s situations. This might be a reason why people choose consoles over PCs.  

PC users also have a common argument against console users. PC users bring up the fact that PCs are stronger and can play games at a better fps. This again turns to a money situation, which is a common rebuttal to the argument.  

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