Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Hailey Laue, Contributor

Are energy drinks bad for you? What is an energy drink exactly? Should you drink one every day? 

It has been brought to attention that no one really knows exactly what classifies as an energy drink. An energy drink is or could be various drinks or sources of energy that you can drink throughout the day. These typically include drinks with lots of sugar, caffeine, and/or other stimulants.  

These are some examples of energy drinks: Monster, Kickstart, Red Bull, Soda, Rockstar, NOS drinks, AMP, 5 Hour Energy, Full Throttle, etc,. 

Are these drinks really that bad for you? The answer to the question is yes. This is the answer to the question and many more things and facts about energy drinks can be found on a website called healthline. The website states, “Furthermore, multiple studies in humans have also shown that consuming energy drinks may increase blood pressure and heart rate and decrease important markers of blood vessel function, which could be bad for heart health” ( This article talks about both how bad energy drinks are and how helpful they can be as well. 

Robert Sill, senior at Newfield High School, said, “No, I love them.” Another senior, Sam Seip said: “If you only have one on a work day, or something like that it’s fine. It’s just about watching what you have.” And finally, Madison Jordan, junior at Newfield High School, said, “Yes, they are.”