Duramax Diesel


Terry Hein, Contributor

A diesel engine is a lot more powerful than a gasoline engine. The diesel engine produces a lot more torque which allows it to have better towing for pick-up trucks or full-size dump trucks. A diesel runs about the same way as a gas where it has a controlled combustion inside which moves the Piston that moves the crankshaft and so on. A gas engine and diesel engines are really different though. Most gasoline engines are known as spark-ignition engines. In these designs, internal combustion is produced once a mixture of fuel and air is ignited within a cylinder head by an electrical spark plug (injectors). 

But why would you want to choose a Duramax engine? A Duramax 6.6 Liter Diesel engine is most commonly known for its torque, and its towing capability. These diesel engines have what is known as “engine braking.” This is good for towing purposes because this allows the driver to slow down without having to use the brake. The towing on a Duramax is 910 lb-ft of torque, with over 90 percent of that power available just over 1500 rpm. This allows farmers to move heavy loads with ease. The Duramax engine also comes in a 2.8 Liter Diesel engine as well and they use these typically in the Chevy Colorado series. 

A Diesel also has good fuel efficiency. The Duramax with a 6.6 Liter engine typically will get about 16-20 mpg, which is good for a pick-up truck. The Duramax 2.8 Liter engine typically will get about 25-30 mpg because it is a smaller and lighter pick-up than most. Diesel is the more efficient way to go in a pick-up that is being used for commercial use or just for fun.