La Musique

Kylee Reed, Contributor

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There are many different types of music all around the world. A different kind for all different types of people. There are blues, classical, country, hip hop, rap, k-pop, childrens, jazz, religious, opera, pop, rock, and etc. Everyone has a different taste in music and there seems to be at least one genre for everyone that satisfies them.

Music can help people with multiple different things. For example, “Listening to music can help reduce stress according to many studies. It can help relieve a person from anxiety, depression, and other emotional and mental problems. Music is also capable of eliminating physical exhaustion as it allows the body and mind to relax” (What Music Can do to a Person). This is why music is so important. For many people, music is an escape; they use music to get away from what is going on in the real world. They use music to boost their mood, energy, overall happiness and so much more.

Music is a way for people to express themselves, improve self-esteem, and connect with society. Listening to music lets people feel like they are apart of what is going on in society and lets them express how they are feeling whether it’s through the words of a song or the tone to the music. “Each and every individual who’s into music tend to have more confidence with themselves than those who don’t like music” (What Music Can do to a Person).

There is music for anyone and everyone; that is what makes the world go round.

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