Attention: The Basketball Season Has Started!

Attention: The Basketball Season Has Started!

Amari Stewart, Contributor

On Monday, Nov. 5, Newfield High School’s coaches for girl’s and boy’s basketball teams prepared for tryouts that evening, with pure excitement to get the season started. Many students went out for each team. They worked hard to prepare for these laborious tryouts against their classmates. 

As many know the expectations are very high for both teams. Especially for the boy’s team, seeing as they have had an immaculate record these past few years. Due to Newfield being such a small town our past basketball records probably have people wondering where this amazing team is from.  

This season both teams will be working very hard to win as many games as possible to keep their promising record going. Continuous practices for both teams, and limited scrimmages will have both teams well prepared and excited for each of their future games. 

Even though Newfield is such a small town, many people always find a way to make their way to as many basketball games as possible to show support for each team.

Basketball is a very confusing but skillful sport and all Newfield players are aware and ready to bring their “A-game.” Newfield supporters and opponents are all very much ready to see what this small-town school has in store this season!