The All-American Painter  

Samuel Seip, Contributor

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Bob Ross was an all-American painter who had served in the air force in Alaska and later was a painter who filmed the Joy of Painting series on PBS.  

Ross had spent his time as a master sergeant and served as the first sergeant of the U.S. Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. He served between 1961 and 1981. Ross had never really liked to be rude or commanding, but if he had to, he was not afraid to be strict and commanding.  

The Joy of Painting series was something Ross had always wanted to do but was a struggle to get started. He had an issue trying to find a broadcaster that would air his show because they thought that it wouldn’t draw much attention. 

Ross eventually partnered with PBS and started to make the Joy of Painting series. He never took that long to film an entire series though. They would usually set aside one week in which they would film the episodes. He would create all the paintings that would be on the show and then paint them again for the show. All the final episodes would be done in two to three days.  

It can be said that Bob Ross is one of the most beloved artists/tv personalities that people have ever seen or heard. Hope Jesmer, Junior, said, “Bob Ross is a really good artist!” While people enjoy his paintings, they can also just enjoy his personality. Mrs. Hutchinson, a science teacher, said, “My favorite part about Bob Ross is his voice.” 

Outside of working in the air force, or painting for the Joy of Painting series, Ross taught his painting styles in person so he could help each individual person because he had cared for each person he ever met. He was even as caring as to take in a hurt animal. He would nurse it back to health and release it into the wild again.

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