Is The 2 Stroke Dying?


Eileen Blass Cam3

Rayin Rumsey, Contributer

The 2 stroke goes way back to the start of motorcycle racing; these bikes have been around since the 1970’s. They had 2 stroke bikes and they really required a lot of skill to ride them. The 2 stroke is a very simple motor, and it is very light and it definitely has the power. With the 2 stroke bike, you really have to carry momentum and keep on the throttle to get the full power of the bike.

In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s the 4 stroke engine was starting to come alive, and those bikes had the power there if you needed it. Back when they used 2 strokes for Supercross or Motocross you really had to be on the throttle and carry your momentum. Say you’re coming out of a turn to clear a triple, you really have to carry that momentum out of the turn to make it happen which takes more skill than they do with 4 strokes nowadays. Four strokes have really been made to be a rider friendly bike where you have the power there if you need it, but it kind of makes you “lazy” on the bike. 

To this day there is a couple of manufactures that have quit making the 2 stroke bikes. For example, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki have quit making the 2 stroke. The manufactures like Yamaha, KTM, and Husquvarna still continue to modify and make these 2 strokes better. The 4 stroke has really pushed off the 2 strokes and it is continuing to progress that way. Personally, I believe that the 2 stroke should be brought back because it takes a lot more skill and it makes the sport even harder to do. As time goes on the 4 stroke seems to be dominating.