Are JUULs bad for you?

Are JUULs bad for you?

Hailey Laue, Contributor

Is the JUUL corporation cracking down on where their products are sold? What age people are they going to be selling to? How are they making sure that under aged people aren’t using JUUL products? How are they making it aware to people that nicotine hurts you? 

Recently all over the news there has been stories and articles about the JUUL corporation. In these articles they talk about certain JUUL pods coming out of stores and how most people ages 18 – 24 don’t even know that their products contain nicotine.  As an article on CNN written by Susan Scutti said, “The company needs to see how young people respond and then update the restrictions” ( 

As one result of a teen under 18 posting about JUULs on social media, the JUUL corporation is cracking down on how old you need to be to buy them. They are also cutting down on social media and removing some of their social media accounts.   

As a result of so many under age kids getting addicted to nicotine and them getting their hands on it, how are they making sure that they are advertising that there is nicotine in their product? They are accomplishing this by having warnings on the bottom of every JUUL/JUULPOD box that says to the public that their product has nicotine in it. Every JUULPOD has at least five percent nicotine in them which “is roughly as much nicotine as is in a pack of cigarettes” (