Stan Lee And His Creations

Stan the man

Stan the man

On Dec. 28, 1922, a legend was born. Stanley Martin Lieber, more commonly known as Stan Lee, was a man who created and supported his and others creations for eight decades working with people such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Stan and his co-writers created the Marvel Studio characters who you see on the big theater screens and in local stores. Stan created characters such as Spiderman, the web slinging high-schooler; Wolverine with a skeleton stronger than industrial steel; The Avengers who battle threats all of over the planet; The Fantastic Four who create scientific marvels; Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, and many others. All of these fictional characters came from the minds of these men who liked to read comics. 

But Stan Lee did not just create characters, he changed the way we viewed heroes themselves. Stan Lee created the human hero, the common hero; someone who gets sick and old, someone who can snap and cry, someone with their own personal problems that effect the way they act and react. 

Stan Lee, in an age where heroes were the law and had amazing powers, gave a god-like hero human qualities and flaws. Stan Lee made a hero who you could relate to; who you could feel happy, angry, and sad for. 

Stan Lee made a hero who was human. 

And we loved him because of this.