The Grinch 2018

Meghan King, Contributor

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“The Grinch” is a modernized version, retelling of Dr. Seuss’s classic holiday story, with some small changes to the story and the characters. “The Grinch” follows the classic story of Dr. Seuss’s original book introducing the main character as a loathsome creature who lives a lonesome lifestyle just outside of Whosville with his loyal dog, Max, hidden away in Mount Crumpet.  

Whosville is a festive little village known for its love for Christmas and everything that comes with the holiday. The Grinch learns from Bricklebaum, a particular Who that believes that he is the Grinch’s best friend, that Whosville is to make their Christmas celebration three times bigger. The Grinch hates everything to do with Christmas as a result of a childhood trauma, and after the tree-lighting ceremony that reminds him of this trauma, he vows to steal Christmas from the festive Whos of Whosville. In the meantime, Cindy Lou plans to catch Santa to ask him for a special gift. As the two plot out their Christmas plans, they don’t realize they will cross paths and that they will unavoidably change each other’s lives. 

People often read too far into things when writing reviews on children’s movies. For example, in his review, Nick Johnston says, “And the entire movie, universe and all, unraveled for me. Does this mean the Whos exist on Earth? Did somebody tell them about Jesus? Or is there a Who Jesus crucified in a Seussian manner by fuzzy cartoon Romans for daring to preach his gospel.” Because the carolers were singing religious songs such a “God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen” and “Silent Night?” Not that this is the first thing that comes to the minds of children sitting in the theater watching this movie. This film has been structured around the celebration of Christmas from the day it was written, 61 years ago. For those who didn’t know, Christmas is devoted to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. If people are offended by the real meaning of Christmas, they should probably save themselves the troubles and consider steering clear of Christmas based films.  

Illuminations did a fine job of modernizing the film and telling the story. 

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