Uprising Artists in 2018

Amari Stewart, Contributor

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Many artists of all different genres have released highly popular songs and albums in 2018. There are many people all over the world who like many different types of music which makes it very easy for different artists to move up in rankings.  

The number one song on the billboard for 2018 is “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 and Cardi B. Maroon 5’s very first song came out in 2002. Since then they have been a very popular band. Cardi B on the other hand became famous from being on the “Bad Girls Club,” but not long after she became a singer, songwriter.  

YouTube has been the start of many uprising artists. Many artists such as two brothers who go by the names of Ar’mon and Trey started posting singing videos on YouTube and not much later after that became very popular to a teenage fan base; after they came out with their first EP and went on their own tour around America. Another example of uprising stars from YouTube is a young woman name Queen Naija. She started her YouTube channel over two years ago, and just last November went through a very rough breakup and came out with a song called “Medicine” which became very popular. So she came out with another song called “Karma,” which is now No. 9 on the R&B Billboard; she is now on tour after dropping her very first EP in late July.  Queen Naija and Ar’mon and Trey also all made a song together called “No Strings” that was very popular in the summer of 2018.

Many who decide to show their talents find a path that leads them to ultimately succeed. These are only a few examples, and we all can only wait to see what uprising artists come out in 2019!  


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