Childhood Memories Reimagined


Hannah Watros, Contributor

When growing up, some of the best memories you can have are surrounded by Disney movies. Disney teaches kids important life lessons through their different styles of movies that they are continuously creating. Their movies appeal to so many and are very memorable. For those that grow up watching their favorite movies over and over again, it is extremely exciting when a remake is done.

In the next few years Disney is planning on creating many live action movies based off their animated movies. “Dumbo” fans will not be disappointed when Tim Burton releases the live-action version in March of 2019. Guy Ritchie is directing a live-action version of “Aladdin,” which also happens to star Naomi Scott who is known for playing a “Power Ranger” but will be portraying Jasmine. The movie will also star Will Smith as Genie. “Aladdin” is set to release in May of 2019. “The Lion King” trailer is being shared like crazy all over facebook and will be in theaters in the summer of 2019. Beyonce is voicing the part of Nala. Director Niki Caro is giving life to “Mulan,” which is set to release in March of 2020.

Some childhood villains are getting their own spinoffs. Emma Stone is portraying Cruella de Vil in the movie, “Cruella.” Although Genie from “Aladdin” isn’t a villian, he is still a very important character and it is rumored he may be getting his own movie that will tell the story of how he ended up in the lamp. Mike Van Waes has been hired to write the script of the remake of “Lilo and Stitch” which will be produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich. The “Sword and the Stone” will be written by Bryan Cogman who writes for the “Game of Thrones” series. Prince Charming is set to get his own movie that will be all about his journey.

When it comes to Disney movies, it doesn’t matter your age, everyone can find a movie that they connect with. For many people watching a Disney movie is like reliving their childhood. Now, movies that everyone grew up watching and loving are coming to life once again.