Country Music Today

Country Music Today

Hailey Laue, Contributor

What has happened to country music today? How does or how can it relate to your life? Why should you listen to it? Over the years, maybe not recently, but most everyone was raised listening to country music. But most people don’t know that there is a broad spectrum with country music. 

Country music this day and age has changed since the 90s and even the 80s. The old country music sounds way different than country music today. The older country music has a nice tune to it, and it comes together and it’s not really in your face. Country music today is more pop-country and rap-country. It is more in your face than what it was. 

Why should you listen to country music? It could be either old or new country music. You should listen to country music because it is beneficial to your health. It can help with stress, relaxation, pain, and creativity. As said in an article called Why Country Music Is Good For Your Health written by Kevin Davis, “A dose of country music can uplift your spirits.” This quote proves that when listening to country music it can help with your stress and relaxation. 

Most of the world’s population listens to country music, and the other part of the population hate it. There are some more benefits to country music such as the songs are catchy and have meaning, and country music stars are caring. Some of them donate gifts, “to auction off for charities” ( 

These are some reasons that you should listen to country music. Not just to uplift your spirits or help you relax, to experience more than just rap and hip hop. The worst that could happen with someone broadening their taste in music is that they end up liking the music and they get some songs stuck in their head. It’s also something new and fun to look forward to with all the relatable songs or even the message behind the songs.