Define Success

Amari Stewart, Contributor

In this world many people have different opinions, viewpoints and definitions for many topics and words. I thought I’d find out how people define success.  Success is a noun and it means, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,” according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.  Because of the different mindsets of different ages, I figured asking many people of all different ages would help me gather all the different definitions. Although many answers are very vague and young-minded they help you understand everyone’s stance on a specific topic.  

“Success is fulfilling your goal, any goal. Anything you can accomplish in life is a success in my eyes,” Kylee Reed said. “It means I’m winning, becoming great in everything I’m aiming for in life. I could never be satisfied because I could be doing so much better. Every time I do something, I feel like I could do better and that’s what success is to me,” Amado said. “Becoming what you want to be, being happy and where you want be in life,” said DeAnte. “Getting money,” said Maxwill.

Success can mean so many different things to any person, but no one will ever understand what it is until they reach it themselves in their own life. Success can lead people down many different amazing paths in life, from being the President to working a minimum wage job. Success is a difficult thing to track down in life sometimes but when you constantly push and encourage yourself you will eventually reach your true success in life.