NVIDIA Stock Crash 


Samuel Seip, Contributor

NVIDIA’s stocks over the past two months have dropped nearly in half. NVIDIA had reached its all-time high on Oct. 1 of $289.36 and nearly one and a half months later dropped to its lowest of $144.70 since June 30, 2017. Their stocks, for the first half of December, are averaging around $147 and continuing to go down. 

Why might NVIDIA’s stocks have cut in half? Well, on Sept. 20, NVIDIA released their new line of GPUs, the RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080ti. NVIDIA’s release of a new generation of GPUs was expected for quite some time. The only issue with this generation’s release was the extremely high price you had to pay for the new GPUs. This was made worse by the performance increase not being nearly as great as what was expected.  

What does this mean for companies like AMD? AMD, also known as Advanced Micro Devices, now has a small chance to put a dent into NVIDIA’s market share. If AMD were to release a GPU that doesn’t cost nearly as much as NVIDIA’s new generation of GPUs within 2019, they might have a chance to make an impact on the market.  

NVIDIA now should show that they aren’t messing around when it comes to their share of the GPU market. With more and more people realizing what has being going on behind the scenes of NVIDIA, they now should step up their game if they were to want to continue to hold their massive share of the market.  

Some people have said some things about NVIDIA after this event. Ryan Splain, senior, said, “I find it interesting that their stocks have been cut so drastically.” NVIDIA, again, needs to show that they can produce a product in which is better than their last as they have shown they were able to do before.