History of the Ford Mustang


Rayin Rumsey, Contributor

The Ford Mustang has been around for many generations and it has developed into a very nice car and improving its performance. The first mustang that was put out on April 17, 1964 in New York. This was the first one that started it all. There was more than a million sold in the first 18 months of this car on the production line-up. As the first generation of the Mustang was developing and selling, they were making the cars bigger and longer along with the bigger engines they were putting in them to increase the performance and power. Around 1970, they came out with the “Mach 1” model of the Mustang; this was more fashionable rather than a performance car. In the early 1970s they went to the six cylinder engine once again for the new emission standards.  

This was when the second generation of the mustang was born. In the mid to late 70s they came out with the Mustang ll model, which was a lot smaller. It was not even a nice looking car along with having horrible performance. This car basically had every bad aspect of the mustangs, all into one.  

This leads on to the third generation which they really needed to improve from their last. Between 1980 and the early 1990s they came out with the fox body mustang, which was what they were looking for, an affordable mustang that would put out the horsepower that they wanted. This got its name from the mustang bodied fox because of the way the frame on this car was built.  

As they approached the fourth generation of the mustang, they began to get what they wanted out of these cars. They moved to a more beefed up car with bigger motors and a nice looking body style as well. In the late 90s they put these out and made them. They made a lot better performing one that was a 2003 Cobra, which got a 390bhp supercharged 4.6-litre V8 engine, making it the fastest production stang ever.  

As they reached the fifth and sixth generation they went back to the original body styles and they kept increasing the performance of the cars. Now reached high speeds with tons of horsepower which they were looking to get. They’re continuing to improve as the years go by.