Farming Simulator Gets an Esports League

Farming Simulator Gets an Esports League

Ryan J. Splain, Contributor

The time has come; competitive virtual farming is making its debut on Esports in the form of a tournament for £250,000 (roughly $330,500 US) for the winning team. According to pcgamer, a tech site, the tournament will have ten events that include a new game-mode for 3V3.

No matter how much simulator games are joked about, it cannot be denied that these games generate a lot of interest from a very large and diverse group of people in the tech and gaming community. Samuel Seip, a student at Newfield High School, was shocked speechless about the fact that the tournament had a $100,000 prize pool.

With hype for the upcoming tournament, many wonder what kinds of gameplay they are going to see from their respective teams. You may see some new features introduced and pioneered with this Esports tournament.

All things considered, promotion of this game is a very big boon for GIANTS Software, the development company that made the game.