Darkzero vs Spacestation Gaming  


Samuel Seip, Contributor

Darkzero just faced off against Spacestation Gaming on Rainbow Six Siege (R6). The match took place on Clubhouse and ended in a tie, 6-6.  

Darkzero (DZ) made some interesting bans; banning Maverick on attack and Echo of defense. Spacestation Gaming (SSG) banned Montagne from attack and Jager on defense.  

For DZ, the match had been slightly important. They had not lost a match up to this point. Being they tied this match, it didn’t affect their standing at all. DZ can only move on after this point forward from the match. If they continue to win, they stand a chance to go to the R6 finals. Darkzero has also been able to push through this season thanks to their coaches BKN and BC.  

This was SSG’s first big break throughout their career so far this year. SSG gaming has been on a rough streak. SSG is known for having some of the best players on Rainbow Six Siege. SSG is also really big in the media so for their team to be doing poorly so far this season it is putting a dent in their name.  

The match was a very entertaining one for spectators watching. DZ had pulled ahead a big lead in the beginning of the match and SSG made a comeback at the end of the match, again tying the game 6-6. Cole, a spectator, had said, “The match was very interesting to watch because someone on team DZ is a relative to my friend and I am also and fan of the other team.”