Terry Hein, Contributor

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Grand National Cross Country prepares for the opening round of their series called Big Buck on Feb. 24 in Union, South Carolina. Grand National Cross Country is a 14 round series that goes up and down the east coast which starts in the south and gradually makes its way up north and ends in the north.  

The Grand National Cross County consist of ATVs, Dirt bikes, Mountain Bikes, and occasionally UTVs. This is a national event which leads to national awards at the end of the season. GNCC racing puts on racing that presents the standard GNCC obstacles: everything from tight woods, to fields, creek crossings, rocks.  The series has 14 races and they all range from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Indiana. A local GNCC is what they call The Tomahawk which is located on Carley Road in Odessa, NY. This race takes place in early June and pairs up with what use to be called WNYOA but is now called NYOA which stands for New York Off-road Association. A typical GNCC consist of two days of racing: one for the ATVs and UTVs and the other day is for the Dirt Bikes. They run little kids in the morning then adult amateurs run midday and then the pros run late in the afternoon which makes for an eventful day of racing.  

Grand National Cross Country is not cheap at all. Prices to get in are $20 a person and to race is not any cheaper. For one person to race it will cost about $100 to race just for that day. That includes a transponder to be scored by and your application to race. Those numbers don’t include travel or camping and that will rack up fast.