My Racing Career


Rayin Rumsey, Contributor

Racing is something that is not only a sport and something to do, it is a passion that is challenging and that relieves stress. I have always wanted to get into racing since I was little. It started when I was little and my dad had a couple of four wheelers that we started out riding around. As the years were progressing, I enjoyed it more and more.  

Eventually I started going to races with my friend and that’s when I really wanted to get into it. He raced quads, and yes I thought it was pretty cool, but I thought that the bikes were more difficult and more fascinating. My dad bought me my first bike which was an old Suzuki RM125 which was just something to start with. It was good just to practice on and get some seat time in. It got me used to the balancing and such.  

After that bike, I got a bike that was all set up for racing. It was a 2002 Suzuki RM125 which was a lot newer than that old one. It had a lot of money into it and I really did like this bike. I raced my first race on this bike and it was pretty fun but that bike didn’t have a lot of power. It made it hard to race with because something was wrong with the carburetor. After that I got a 1998 Yamaha YZ40OF which was a really powerful bike, but it was also really heavy. I got a lot of practice in on this and it was a lot better. My friend Dominick, who is a AA rider in my series once told me, “Work on balance, standing up, and corners with your leg up. Also motocross will help so much with everything.” Currently I am on a 2009 yz250f which was a big upgrade for me. I am a lot better now and am improving as I go. I love the racing life. My advice to anyone that wants to get into it is to keep your head up and ride smart. Get as much practice as you can because of how difficult this is.