The Softball Season is Around the Corner

The Softball Season is Around the Corner

Amari Stewart, Contributor

As many know, Softball is a very popular spring season sport. Last year for Newfield Softball team it was a difficult year, but Coach Troger and her players plan on coming back harder this season. They plan on being prepared for anything thrown at them this upcoming season. 

Twenty-six girls have signed up to participate this year, which is an amazing come out this year. Although that is too many players for the Varsity Softball team, which means each girl will have to really prove themselves at the three days of tryouts. Tryouts will be held March 4th –6th from  3 pm to 5 pm. Many of the players are returning players, but there are also new players that transferred to Newfield this year. Other players are coming back to play after a break for a few years. Some have never even played. The diversity will only bring the team closer and more motivated to give each game their all. 

This year all Newfield athletics moved up a class, which means the softball team will be playing a few new teams this year. Groton along with Marathon will be two of the new teams the softball team will be playing against. “Tioga is always a hard team to beat,” said Coach Troger. “I know Newfield can do it, but Elmira can play some ball, that will definitely be a good game to watch,” said Assistant Basketball Coach Ricky Stewart.  

Everyone should wish Newfield Varsity Softball good luck this season, because this season is going to be different from any other!