The Beginning of a Beast: Apex Legends


Ryan J. Splain, Contributor

Apex Legends is a recently released, Free-to-play, first-person shooter, battle royale game. 

Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game has popped up overnight, and in the course of a week, has gained a massive following.  

This game has very real potential, Hunter Colburn, a student at Newfield high, states,”Its better than Fortnite.” a game that has caught massive amounts of attention from people of all walks of life, be it celebrities, YouTubers, or just your average 12 year old. Apex Legends has already surpassed Fortnite in the field of skill-based play and is only reaching further heights. 

There are three mode of game play: quad, solo and duo. The solo game-mode will likely be a single player version of the present game-mode. This is an interesting development. One of the most interesting things about the game is, with a teammate’s help, you have the ability to respawn after you die. It will be very intriguing to see where they go with this particular game-mode. 

The duo mode will likely involve the same game-mode as squads but with a maximum of two people instead of a maximum of four. This game-mode is concerning. The fact that every character you play has a skill-set that is unique to them, with only two spots for character choice, it will be interesting to see what strategies for this game-mode will develop. 

Wherever this game ends of taking the people who play it, we look forward to what this game ends up turning into.