Newfield vs Trumansburg Boy’s Basketball


Hailey Laue, Contributor

What’s high school basketball really about? Most people would say the competition and others would say just for the fun of the game. On Friday, Feb. 8, the Newfield boys made the trip to Trumansburg central school district to play their last scheduled game of the season.  

The Junior Varsity game was definitely the more interesting game between the JV and the varsity games. After the JV game started you could definitely tell that it was going to be a close game. The competition was high and so was the tension. Newfield’s starting lineup was Austyn Diaz, Caleb Wilson, Travis Crisman, Garret Porter, and Dylan Zifchock. At the end of the first quarter Newfield had twelve points and Trumansburg had seventeen. At half time the score was Newfield 22 and Trumansburg 28. The score throughout the game was close. It was always within 15 points. At the end of the third quarter the score was Newfield 35 and Trumansburg 41. Both teams made great passes and played great defense; there was also a couple turnovers. The game ended with Trumansburg winning 51 and Newfield having 43 points. The boys did an amazing job playing in the game; lots of hard work from both teams.      

During the varsity game, it didn’t start very well or end well for Trumansburg, but Newfield was kicking butt with a score of 24-8. The starting lineup for Newfield during the varsity game was Jake, Jalen, Daejahd, Josh, and LaRon. By half time Newfield had 38 points and Trumansburg had 10 points. There was lots of good team work on the court Friday night. The game ended with Newfield winning 67-50.