Jumping In: Apex Legends

Jumping In: Apex Legends

Samuel Seip, Contributor

Respawn Entertainment released a new game under EA on Feb. 5 called Apex Legends. The game has seen massive amounts of traction from then and has been highly praised by the public. Respawn and EA kept the game relatively secret, so it had been a big surprise to many people.  

Apex Legends is a battle royal game in which you and 59 other people fight to the death to become the last squad standing. There are 20 teams of three players in every match. Before every game you and your teammates pick from eight characters to play. Every team has the same eight characters to choose from to play.  

Playing the game, it is easy to see the fun that people are having from it. There have been instances that people have described the game as a mix of Titan fall and Destiny 2. People have said this because the movement and gun play in these games are very similar to Apex. Many people like the game because of that. 

The game has seen major traction other than it just being a surprise. Streamers like Shroud, DrDisrespect, etc., have brought even more attention to the game. There has even already been a tournament that took place on Feb. 12. Shroud has even been quoted to saying, “I could play this game for a week straight.”   

As for the game itself, it appears to have countless hours of gameplay left in it. The developers commented on a very small number of plans that they have to update the game in the future. As of currently, it appears that the developers could add more characters and some different bundles for new skins for characters and weapons.