Why Should School Start Later for High Schoolers?

Why Should School Start Later for High Schoolers?

Amari Stewart, Contributor

Many high school students get an abundance of homework each night. It may not all be due the next day, but I’m sure most of it is. A lot of high school students also play sports; this means practice after school. Some even work an after school job. I mean let’s be real, who honestly wants to do a whole bunch of homework after a long day of school and practice or work?  

See, from my point of view we should be able to do our homework at night without having to worry about how tired we are going to be in the morning. How is it fair that we get a whole bunch of homework and must stay up late to complete it, but we must be at school at the crack of dawn.  

If school started later this would not be a huge issue for high school students. We would get a good amount of sleep, homework would be complete, and waking up in the morning would be easier. If school started at 9 o’clock and ran until 3:30 the day would be very easy flowing.  

It is very noticeable to see how tired most students are in the morning, but yet there are no changes. When you’re in high school, teachers and administration are always saying ‘we are preparing you for college and the real world,’ which is understandable and much appreciated, but in college we make the choice to sign up for an 8 o’clock morning class, but we don’t have to. I’m sure that if high schools start time was changed to 9 o’clock it would be an easier day for everyone, students, teachers, administration, and parents.