Why Armed Veterans Should be Placed in Schools

Terry Hein, Contributor

Schools should have armed veterans guarding the front doors of every school. There are roughly 100,000 public schools in the US. There are around 18.2 million veterans and I am pretty sure that there are more than 100,000 that would be more than glad to protect the public schools of America. If we had Veterans blocking the door or walking around the building it would most likely reduce the chance of a school shooting or a freak accident of some sort. 

Having a veteran protecting the school would make a lot of kids feel safer knowing that they would have someone willing to give their life to protect theirs. The veteran would already be trained for situations that are not situations you would want to be in. Some people would say that if schools had armed veterans that it could go the other way and end up harming a student; the chances of that are little to none. I understand that there is that chance that a veteran could have a flash back from war or have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but the likely hood of this happening is little to none still.  

An armed veteran could be placed in a school and it would really decrease the chance of a fatal catastrophe and would drop the chances of students bringing items that aren’t supposed to be there. I’m positive that veterans would rather protect the schools than sit at home doing nothing.  They were willing to fight for a country; I know they would protect a school.