Dunkin On Top


Hannah Watros, Contributor

On the East coast we have Dunkin Donuts. On the West coast they have Dutch Bros. It seems that every town you drive by you see a Dunkin and maybe even a few. The ever expanding company is everywhere simply  because they are simply the best fit for the average American.

The menu is always changing and introducing new items. Dunkin never wants their customers to get bored and constantly works to please. The company offers drinks for anybody’s taste buds. They have the basics year round drinks but also offer specials seasonally which many loyal customers look forward to. Their menu has so many items and can cater to all needs. Dunkin tries to keep their prices affordable for all. Good quality coffee that’s affordable is hard to find especially from a coffee company that offers so many different types. Dunkin puts in the effort to have convenient locations so no one misses out. “I like Dunkin because it taste good.” Dunkin is the ideal coffee shop.

Some people are attracted to Starbucks because of their fancy names and overly complicated drinks. The downfall of  all of that foo foo appeal is that the prices are outrageous. The prices and the hassle it takes to try to pronounce my order correctly is just too big of a downfall for me. I’m not going to pay $5 for a drink that I could make at home. For me, their coffee is either too basic or too complicated.  Starbucks may offer fancy drinks that look good on instagram but they have barely any convenient locations around this area. The bad outweighs the good when it comes to this company.

Dunkin is the coffee shop that fits the needs of the people in this area the best. They keep their prices low while offering a huge selection of options. Dunkin Donuts is the best coffee place.