Should High School Students Take Online Classes?

Daimon Allen, Contributor

What is the point in going to school? A lot of adults say that kids are supposed to go to school and get an education. Personally, I think that people should attend school for more reasons than just education. Some of those reasons are meeting new people, building relationships with people and gaining friendships, dealing with problems and not giving up, learning how to maintain good grades and finally, setting and achieving goals. 

If you really think about it, the time that you really need to go to school is between pre-k and the end of middle school. The reason being is that the importance of building relationships with people, usually is in elementary to middle school and not so much in high school. If students went to school from pre-k to the end of middle school and started high school off doing online classes, then they would have more focus on their actual school work and they could stay at home and not have to deal with drama or waking up that early in the morning. If your friendships occurred more outside of school, then you would become stronger friends.  

Think about it. In school, students can get caught doing many things. Kids get in trouble for cheating, smoking, talking, using their phones and many other things. If students were to be at home, they would be at their own homes with a few class assignments to complete every day and they would not be getting in trouble. This would eliminate a lot of stress that is going on in high school students lives. I do although believe that the students should be allowed to go to BOCES because that is all hands-on learning and they teach you trades and help to get you into very good jobs.  

Some may say that teachers would be losing their jobs. Really, they would still have a teaching job. They could still make the online lessons and they could take videos of themselves explaining more about each topic. Teachers will most likely get paid more for that too because money won’t be going toward the school and buying things. It could potentially pay much better and they don’t even have to deal with the students at the school. Just responsible for things you could do at any time, on your own.