School Construction


Kylee Reed, Contributor

School construction is a bitter sweet type of thing. Although in the end our school will look way better than before, we have to deal with a lot of things: noise, smells, dust, gas, construction workers, etc. 

It seems like the noisy construction goes on for hours and it is always in the way of something. The noise is beyond distracting during classes, our classes have been moved around, bathrooms are shut down at least once a week, and the locker rooms are below freezing. 

The smells are probably the worst thing our school has to deal with. The entire school randomly gets filled with rancid smells that everyone complains about.  

Noise and smells are not the only bad thing our school has dealt with; they took the ceilings out during the summer and there are still no ceilings over 7 months later. The ceilings were taken out of the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. So, on top of all the ruckus going on, our school also looks worse than it ever has.  

On our school website, teachers, students, and parents have the chance to complain or give feedback about the construction going on in our school. Even with the feedback and complaints, nothing has changed. 

Despite the fact that the construction will be worth it in the end, I feel as if they are just getting in the way of things. Most of these jobs could have been done over the summer to avoid problems like these.