AMD is Better Than NVIDIA and Here is Why


Samuel Seip, Contributor

AMD has always been behind NVIDIA in terms of raw performance in their graphics cards. This makes it seem like it would be an obvious choice between the two companies when choosing a graphics card. I believe this not to be true for a sole main reason that AMD innovates when it comes to designing new cards whereas NVIDIA doesn’t really try anything new. 

AMD has always done their best to think outside of the box when it comes to designing new technology in graphics cards. In terms of the architecture of an AMD card, you can almost always see a difference between a card and the different attempt of a new design.  

When it comes to AMD’s competitor, NVIDIA, you can see a trend when looking at the cards that they have made. NVIDIA hasn’t really attempted to make anything new when it comes to designing a card. One may argue that NVIDIA had made/came up with the idea of ray tracing in their new RTX cards. This isn’t the case as this was created by Microsoft.  

The support between the two companies is also extremely different when talking in terms of drivers. An old AMD card, for example the RX 480 couldn’t compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 700 series. This is no longer the case though as due to driver support an RX 480 can compete with the NVIDIA GTX 1060. Another example of this is the Vega 64 from AMD and GTX 1080 from NVIDIA. AMD’s supports for their cards in immeasurable compared to NVIDIA.  

As it stands currently, first half of 2019, AMD is the only competitor to NVIDIA and has been for multiple years. It is important that AMD continues to compete with NVIDIA so that prices don’t increase extremely (as they have started to), and so that graphics cards continue to improve.  

We have no idea what AMD is going to do in the future about designing their graphics cards. The most it appears that anyone ever knows about an AMD card is the nanometer process that it might be in, otherwise we’re clueless.  

Overall, it is the best choice to choose an AMD card because of their driver support to make their products last longer and become more powerful and also because of their innovation to create something new.