DEF CON: A Convention For Hackers


The Unofficial Bender Badge From a DEF CON 26 Convention.

Ryan J. Splain, Contributor

Every year in Las Vegas, an annual convention is held.  DEF CON is a convention where hackers of many hats come together to learn, share, brag, or just have a good time. It does not matter if you are a White hat, Black hat, or Grey hat, you go to DEF CON for the panels. Each panel can cover a variety of different things, from software presentations, to how to hack into the software that was just presented, or just random videos of people blowing up laptops and various electronic equipment.

As you may expect, DEF CON is prone to shenanigans. A good rule of thumb is to watch out for what Wi-Fi networks you are connected too and to not bring anything that can get you in trouble.

At DEF CON they have Hacker based challenges. For example, at last year’s DEF CON, attendees found multiple flaws and backdoors into electronic voting machines that would allow you to do a multitude of things to them, from spoofing votes, to just shutting the machine down. 

When at DEF CON, DO NOT RECORD WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION, the convention is made for hackers, who can and will delete or take everything you have. An incident occurred at DEF CON 14 where a reporter who worked for DATELINE NBC was chased out of the convention. She was trying to get footage of Black Hat’s talking about their crimes. 

To conclude my tirade, don’t bring your own stuff, unless you want it hacked. Be safe! Have fun! and Hack on my friend!