AMD’s 50th Anniversary


Samuel Seip, Contributor

AMD is turning 50 years old. AMD is not only a producer of high-performance graphics but also of high-performance computing, so how are they going to celebrate 

The company was founded in 1969 as a Silicon Valley start-up and has only been innovating to create more efficient designs since. Their main goal for years was to compete in the graphics area of computers, but they expanded out to also produce computing technology, CPUs, since 2006.  

AMD has been making high-performance graphics for years. For example, consoles have been using AMD graphics for years dating back to the Nintendo 64 and even earlier. To celebrate their achievement of graphics AMD has released a red version of the Radeon VII graphics card with some extra content such as a 50th anniversary sticker signed by Lisa Su, the company’s CEO.  

Even though AMD’s computing section isn’t 50 years old, they are also celebrating the company with a gold edition Ryzen 7 2700x. The CPU has AMD 50th and Lisa Su’s signature printed on the lid. AMD has taken up a huge percentage of the computing market against Intel since 2006 when they first started making CPUs: This gives them even more reason to celebrate.  

AMD has taken this 50th anniversary to also reflect on all they have done. On their website, they have said, “Join us in the celebrating of our past to ignite our past to ignite our future.” We can only assume that AMD doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.