What is it really like in California?


Gabriel Masotti, contributor

Is California the beach party, palm tree paradise we like to think it is? No, the California we think of is just a fabrication by Hollywood. California is a very geographically diverse place from the silver coasts to the golden hills and the towering Sierra.  

In 1849 millions of people made their way to California during the gold rush and much of the people there have family from that time. A lot of things we use today come from that time such as jeans, and rugged pants for the gold miners. Most of the gold miners did not get rich and the real wealth went to those who sold supplies to gold miners. 

Along with the gold miners came the cowboys. The central valley was perfect for ranching. It’s a wide and open area and to this day is still the biggest beef cattle producer in the united states. 

There are two ranges of mountains that surround the central valley, the Sierras, and the coastal mountains. The Sierras are the bigger and colder mountains which get up to 30 feet of snow in the winter in some places. The Sierras contain the oldest trees; these white mountain pines were young at the time the pyramids were being built. 

The coastal mountains are shorter and warmer; on the western side they are covered with redwoods ranging across the coast. On the eastern side is covered with California Live Oak; an oak tree that never drops its leaves and has longer acorns and spiked leaves. These trees are short and stocky and are built to withstand hard winds from the west. 

Sebastian Masotti, a Californian, said, ” Remember driving through the mountains in winter when all the trees were covered in snow?”

Just south of Suisun City is the Suisun Marsh. This marsh is the largest marsh on the west coast and one of the largest in the United States. This marsh is great for fishing and swimming. There are massive White Sturgeon in this marsh along with other salt water fish. 

These geographical features all play a part in living in California. You can notice a common trend that none of these involve beach parties of any kind. That’s because life in California isn’t really beach parties. Life in California is waking up and seeing the cows grazing on the hill and sledding in the mountains, and it’s better that way.