Spinoffs and Sequels


Hannah Watros, Contributor

For almost everyone that watches shows or movies, they have a favorite that they just don’t want to end. It could be a show where the storyline just sucks you in. It could be a movie where your connection to the characters is enough to make you feel like you are in the movie with them. No matter the reason, you just don’t want it to end. When it eventually does, you are so disappointed and end up watching the reruns over and over.

If you are lucky enough the show could get a spinoff or a sequel but, they tend to either be really good or very disappointing. They very rarely are just okay, they are one extreme or the other. For example, Pretty Little Liars, it was a show that started in 2010 and had 7 seasons and very devoted fan following. The first spinoff to the show was Ravenswood which aired during season 4 of PLL. It was based in a town from PLL and included some of the characters but ultimately ended up being cancelled after just one excruciating season. Pretty Little Liars came to an end in 2017 and just two years later they tried again on another spinoff called The Perfectionists. The show is currently airing their first season and the reviews seem to be amazing.  “I never thought I’d love the Pretty Little Liars spinoff more than the original, but here we are,” Christopher Rosa reported to Glamour. Ravenswood was just too different of a spinoff for the fanbase of PLL and failed like many shows and movies with the same intent.

Everyone has a show or movie that they never want to end. You want the characters to grow with you as you yourself also continue to grow but that can’t always happen.