The Messages Behind 13 Reasons Why

The Messages Behind 13 Reasons Why

Kylee Reed, Contributor

13 Reasons Why is a TV series that takes up issues related to suicide and sexual assault. This show is a fictional story meant to open the eyes of its viewers. This show reveals bullying, lying, drug addiction, selfharm and many other topics individuals don’t necessarily talk about.  

Many good messages are behind this show. Messages to make you acknowledge that these things are real, everyone’s story matters, and the golden rule. There is a message that we need justice for victims. 

 13 Reasons Why has a way of showing its viewers how one thing you do or say can affect a lot of people in many different ways. The idea behind this show is to make its viewers think about the way they treat others and to guide people to be better. Just like the golden rule you have heard about so many times throughout your life; treat people how you want to be treated. 

This show also addresses what often happens if one overlooks signs and cries for help from someone because it is easier than dealing with the situation. This shows us that we need to be open with one another about our feeling so things can change for the better. Telling your story and struggles to someone is not always the easiest thing to do, but bottling up your feeling is never the good thing to do. 

This show is a highly recommended watch due to the difficult topics brought up in its story. It is a fictional story meant to open the eyes of its viewers and make them aware of the all the dark things going on in the world.