Extra Day in May

Extra Day in May

Samuel Seip, Contributor

Students of Newfield Senior High School normally have to deal with a long period without any breaks after spring break ends. Thanks to the construction at the school, this is going to change.  

Normally during this time of the year, students would have had to go from April 22nd to June 17th, 2019 with only Memorial Day off. This year due to the request from the construction workers, not only will the students have Monday, May 27th off but also Tuesday 28th as well.  

As classes wrap up, final review begins to approach sooner and sooner. This means the students will have one last break before they have to work their hardest to show what they have learned. Student Hailey Laue, senior, said, “The construction is probably the best thing that has ever happened. It is really annoying but at least this is nice.” Student Joshua Ketter, senior, also said, “Now I get extra time to do what I want.”  

Hopefully students will be refreshed and ready to push through the last few days of school after this short break. A lot of students have said that this is the most difficult time of school. Usually there are no real breaks for the students during this last period while they have to work their hardest which can be extremely stressful.  

Most students are also looking forward to the end of the year to be able to get the much-needed break from school. Other students are just looking forward to being done with high school in general.