What is Trump up to Now


Joshua Ketter, Contributor

The fact that President Trump stood strong against the House and shut down the government when Congress refused to support funding for the wall was quite amusing 

A portion of the southern border already has a wall, but it is not continuous.  Where the wall exists, there is no issue with illegal border crossings. However, where the wall does not yet exist people are coming through illegally.  

It can be appreciated that President Trump isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. It’s refreshing to hear a politician do what he says he’ll do.  He said he’d shut the government down if Congress didn’t support building the wall and that’s exactly what he did. President Donald J Trump believes that to secure our country you need to have an impassable border and he’s willing to stand his ground unlike a lot of past presidents.  While the shutdown may result in a few people losing a couple of dollars it’s better than risking American lives by doing nothing to stop the drug cartels from using illegal immigrants to smuggle drugs into America.  

Samuel Seip said; “The wall has potential to stop illegal immigration from the south. There are many good examples already where walls are stopping illegal immigration.”  

A lot of people think that the border we share with Mexico is wall free but, a good portion does have a wall running across it. The problem is that some of the wall is only standard fencing that would be used to keep a dog in a yard. Not what should be used to keep people from crossing a border not to mention most of it is very old and no longer standing thanks to the people crossing it.