Newfield Is Under Construction

Terry Hein, Contributor

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Recently the Newfield Central School District has been expanding on their high school. Students and teachers have been bouncing from classrooms to computer labs all year to be able to accommodate the construction workers. The school is replacing the ceilings and making an entire new auditorium. Within the past few days they started mapping out where the cafeteria will extend out all the way to the parking lot roadway. 

Newfield students have been forced with holding assemblies in the gym and having to do plays in the elementary school. We also have been subjected to bounce and use other teachers’ rooms and use the computer lab as a classroom when the ceilings get done in the rest of the rooms. The work consists of installing new lights in each room and installing the dimming system on them as well. The Cafeteria is also being remodeled this upcoming summer. They are adding in some new options and getting away from the tray idea and using plates instead. They are also adding in some new tables to the project as well. The Auditorium is being completely redone as they have demoed the old one and are continuing rebuilding a much bigger and different style auditorium. They started demoing in the late summer last year and continued for a while as they had a lot of clean up. 

The projects should be finishing up by the 2020 school year. The school will look completely different to the outside world as the cafeteria should be finished along with all the ceilings and the auditorium as well.