School Shooting: Highland Ranch Colorado


Frank Jagar, Contributor

The shooting of STEM school in Highland Ranch in Colorado near Columbine High School, happened on May 6, 2019. There was one dead and eight injured initially.  However, one of the injured died in the hospital due to their injuries. The suspects are Deven Erickson (18) and Alec McKinney (16).   They are being charged with numerous counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder.   

Kendrick Castillo (18-year-old) died trying to save other classmates. Kendrick and two other students, Joshua Jones and Brendan Bialy, decided to run at the shooter to save his classmates. Jones was shot in the leg twice trying to save lives. Castillo was shot and killed at the scene. Joshua Jones the one that was shot in the leg twice said that he wants to keep helping people in the world.  

At this moment the investigators are not sure what the motive was behind the shooting of the highland ranch. Some people think that Columbine and this shooting are connected in some sort of way. The STEM school in Highland Ranch, Colorado were eight miles away from each other so that is why some people think these are connected. The school shootings happened in the same area, but at totally different times. The amount of people killed are very different. At Columbine there were thirteen that died, but only one died at the shooting of the Highland Ranch school. However, there is no hard evidence that connects the two at this time. Although, if these types of situations continue, then there may need to be rules set and regulations for gun so incidents like these can be prevented.