Local Student Excels in The Fabrication World

Terry Hein, Contributor

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A local student who graduated in the class of 2018 is making a name for himself in the fabrication world. Darren Wojtanik who just finished up his first year of college where he is studying and performing to become a welder with a 2-year degree. He currently is enrolled in Pennsylvania College of Technology which is in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. During his spring break in March he took a trip to Ocala, Florida where he worked for his cousin at Finger Lake’s Manufacturing.  

What do they make at Finger Lake’s Manufacturing? Well there is a wide variety of things they make. Ranging from Aluminum flatbed trailers to a Farriers dream horse shoeing trailer. A horse shoeing trailer can handle up to anything a farrier may need. Most of the time they come equipped with drill presses, sanders, and sometimes even a welder! Wojtanik will be down there for about two months this summer enjoying all the sun down in Florida and learning a lot about the fabrication world while making money. Wojtanik said, “When I’m at college I am paying to learn, but when I’m down here I’m getting paid to learn.” What could be better than that? 

Wojtanik plans on coming back and finishing his last year at Penn Tech and then moving into the fabrication world permanently. He also would like to own his very own fabrication shop in NY after school is over with. Who knows within the next year Newfield could have its very own fabrication shop?